Blog-25th of March 2016

Today was the day! The pizza oven is finally in place! Thanks to a wonderful team of people the incredibly heavy oven is on top of the base. It took about 9 people to get it into place but it was worth it! We are very excited to get the oven fired up.

Blog-21st of March 2016

Now that the weather is a little warmer, Jimmy has started to work on the base for the pizza oven! We are so lucky to have such an experienced brick layer in our community, especially one that is willing to lend us a hand! Jimmy made quick work of it and even made it look […]

Blog- 27th of October

6Today we received a very exciting delivery! The lorry almost didn’t fit through the gate but the drivers excellent maneuvering skills pulled it off! St. Pauls is officially a proud new owner of a PIZZA OVEN! We look forward to getting it set up and cooking many delicious pizzas in it!

Blog – 8th October 2015

Great news today . ┬áStalled Spaces have awarded us money towards the growing project, and so we can now go ahead with transforming a container into a bothy with a side opening. We were also able to put in an order for our pizza oven, so hopefully everything will now be in place for our […]

Blackhill’s Growing

In 2010, we started looking into the possibility of a growing project. As part of the St Paul’s Youth Forum exchange trip to Zambia, we visited projects like Isiblu, where growing food for use by the participants of the project, as well as to raise funds, helped to create a cohesive, supportive community. Knowing of […]